Kenny Carlile | Product Enablement & Team Leadership in Software

A software professional with integrity who's focused on product enablement and team leadership

Kenny brings leadership, professionalism, standards adherence, operational efficiencies, team enablement, and rational thinking to software products.

Kenny Carlile

A unique constellation of skills spanning multiple disciplines.


  • Honesty and integrity
  • Confidence to do the right thing
  • Onboarding and mentoring of new team members
  • Stepping up to tackle new challenges
  • Team and product advocate
  • Leading by example

Technical Experience

  • Web application engineer
  • Technical Architect
  • Research & Development (R&D, internal)
  • Professional Services (customer)
  • Technical documentation
  • Graphics creation

Operations Perspective

  • Establishing standards
  • Adhering to process
  • Producing documentation and training materials
  • Onboarding and training of new team members
  • Evangelizing new systems and processes across teams
  • Performance reporting


  • Empathetic listening
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Comfortable presenting in mixed groups
  • Technical liaison between technical and non-technical people
  • Skilled in analogy to convey concepts
"Maintaining integrity, thinking logically and rationally, and adhering to standards and processes is how we overcome challenges that hamper the business while ensuring that we continue to do the best thing for the customer, the product, and the team."
Kenny Carlile
Kenny's approach to solving problems


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What others have said about working with Kenny...

[Kenny's] passion is evident in everything that he does, and he genuinely leaves every project he touches better off than how he found it [...]. [H]is reporting and analytics are second to none [...]. [P]eople like Kenny are the reason why I love coming into work.

Aaron Pacheco
Product Lead, Senior Manager

[B]e prepared to be in the presence of one of the most caring, thoughtful, and resourceful product owners you've ever met [...]. He also goes out of his way to mentor incoming product managers on best practices [...] and ensures the overall product team's achievements are communicated to external stakeholders [...].

Angie Byron
Principal Community Manager

He exudes friendliness and enthusiasm in his role and is always ready to offer answers and solutions. [T]he work he has accomplished on the Slack wiki exemplifies his commitment and expertise in the Slack subject matter. I anticipate and look forward to further collaboration with him in the future!

Andrew Ballard
Lead Service Desk Engineer

Kenny is an awesome product owner who's always full of energy and positivity. He's great at staying on top of things and has taught me a lot about how important systems and processes are for our work. He's really supportive of the team and makes sure everyone feels included in decisions, which makes us all feel valued. Working with Kenny is a pleasure, and I always enjoy it.

Siddu Hussain
Senior Software Engineer

Kenny's awesome in that he blends a really high level of focus on results with a very collaborative style and no small amount of humor.

Dale Whiteaker-Lewis
Principal Information Security Engineer

I have been fortunate to have Kenny as a remarkable leader to rely on for assistance and inquiries. His unwavering availability and willingness to share in-depth information [...] have been truly inspiring. His amiable personality and charm make him easily approachable, and I am excited to work with him more closely in the future.

Tobenna Ihegborow
Lead Service Desk Engineer

Kenny has been a fantastic partner to the Service Desk team since we started working together. His easy going nature, attention to detail and openness are what stand out the most to me. I particularly love how he seeks to empower the Service Desk [...] allowing us to resolve issues [...] and grow the skills of our team members.

Liam O'Reilly
Service Desk Manager

I'm very impressed by his ability to absorb and distill information to transform it into actionable insights. Kenny is thoughtful and thorough and can think critically and deeply, considering all possible options while being kind and listening to everyone's points. Kenny has also played a key role in facilitating data-driven discussions and strategic planning sessions, contributing to the overall success of our messaging initiatives. Kenny demonstrates excellent communication skills and is an excellent problem solver, ensuring all angles are covered. I look forward to his continued contributions and leadership in these critical areas of our organization.

Eduardo Lessa
Senior Manager

Kenny's coaching and mentorship in product ownership has significantly helped me to plan [...] sprints, negotiate with leadership, and empower me as a product owner to make decisions [...]. He answers all of my questions honestly and takes the time to thoroughly document his answers and resources in our meeting notes [...]. Kenny has been a source of consistency and guidance for me amongst the disorganization and inconsistency of the organization. I have learned a lot from Kenny personally and professionally, and he always has something positive to share with me. Lastly, Kenny's documentation and templates are some of the best I have seen [...] in my career. The presentation is clear, concise, and easy to digest. He takes the time to thoroughly explain his templates and methodologies so that they are easy to pick up and use. He is a Confluence (Wiki) wizard.

Kristin Frederick
Product Owner

We are so lucky to have [him]! [His] technical knowledge and project management skills coupled with [his] collaborative approach and strong writing chops (a surprise bonus!) almost immediately strengthened our ability to communicate effectively [...]. I appreciate [his] hard work, positive energy, and close partnership [...] to help ensure our communications are ultimately aligned with and fully support [our] strategic priorities.

Doris Laurence
Senior Manager Executive Communications

I've been impressed with Kenny's "out of the box" productivity. His creativity and technical skill serve him well for cranking out solutions quickly in a variety of platforms. In his design of templates, he's demonstrated the ability to see the task through his customers' eyes. He quickly engaged on the product roadmapping work, and after just a couple weeks was likely the most knowledgeable person [...] about Roadmunk. Kenny was very effective at managing all the aspects of the tactical relationship with our contacts at Roadmunk. And even they were impressed by Kenny's way of using their software to build templated roadmaps [...]. Kenny and I had a good partnership going on with Roadmunk, and it was my intent based on his demonstrated capability to transfer all of the company-wide Roadmunk work to him [...]

Tom Wilbur
Senior Product Director

Kenny is motivated and has lots of knowledge about product ops and coding - which has been great! His technical background helped me solve a variety of problems. I appreciate his unique approach to solving random quirky problems I ran into during my Wiki project. He is not only reliable and forward-thinking but also an inspiring team player. In the short time we've been working together, he's already taught me a lot. His organizational skills are top-notch and it encourages me to be better at documentation. I'm looking forward to working with him even more!

Amanda Maxilom
Product Operations Manager

Kenny continues to amaze and impress everyone with his solution oriented approach and [...] team spirit. He successfully collaborated with a target business unit for the roll out of the pilot roadmap project. Kenny is a true team player and effectively contributes in meetings [...]. Kenny is always ready to collaborate and help. [...] He is very resourceful and contributes a lot to Slack channels and user groups [...]. Kenny is an incredible communicator, partner, strategist, and planner. His diligence and commitment to getting this right has been exemplary.

Sanjay Sharma
Technical Product Manager

[H]is documentation was extremely detailed and easy to consume/follow. He has been quick to respond to any questions I have. [...] I have been nothing but impressed with his organization and collaboration. His efforts are extremely helpful in improving our customer centricity and I look forward to continuing to parter together on standards that help us improve stakeholder alignment.

Rachael Harr
Product Manager

I've always admired Kenny's skills in representing things, and that makes me want to read [his sprint reports].

Anil Kumar
Software Engineer